Famous Sloppy Sam Lamb
slow-roasted lamb shank, served with veg and roast potatoes

Lamb Ribs
roasted with lemon, garlic and herbs, served with veg and roast potatoes

Lamb Roll
roasted de-boned flank – stuffed with garlic served with veg and roast potatoes

Grilled Lamb Chops
marinated in olive oil, rosemary and lemon served with veg and roast potatoes

Madagascar Pepper Steak
beef fillet medallions served with mashed potato

Pan-Fried Liver
sliced lamb’s liver fried with onion, served with mashed potato and veg

Melitzanes Moussaka
layered ground beef and brinjal,topped with bèchamel sauce
– baked served with veg and roast potatoes

Slow cooked Persian lamb stew with chick peas, White beans sun dried lime and potatoes.

Beef Kebab
2 skewers of sirloin, grilled and basted with Persian saffron served with salad, mint-garlic
yoghurt and pita

Chicken Tikka Kebab (hot)
2 skewers of chicken fillet marinated in tikka spices
served with salad, yoghurt and pita

Chicken Kebab
2 skewers of chicken fillet grilled and basted with Persian saffron
served with salad and pita

Hooman’s Calamari
pan-fried whole baby calamari with fresh chilli, garlic and lemon
served with a choice of dill basmati rice or roast potatoes

Grilled Fresh Line Fish
served with a choice of dill basmati rice or veg and roast potatoes

Seared Tuna
served with rocket and extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar dressing sprinkled
with toasted sesame seed