Welcome to Sloppy Sam Restaurant.

Our name is regarded as a landmark in busy Green Point. Sloppy Sam was established in the 1930’s as a milk bar. Gradually, Greek styled dishes were introduced. The milk bar slowly evolved into a popular eatery.


The tradition for providing tasty wholesome cooking is still the heart of Sloppy Sam. Slow cooked lamb shank with crispy potatoes and roasted veg is still our signature dish. But there are many diners who regard our pan fried calamari and humus as ‘the best’.

We are grateful to our patrons who understand the Sloppy Sam menu is not designed around blitz cooking. Our food is uncomplicated, but it does take more than a few minutes to present you with our version of good food.

Sloppy Sam Restaurant is an informal venue with a relaxed ambiance. We are constantly being discovered by foreign and local diners. It has always been our regular patrons who inspire us to be consistent in cooking and serving quality food that is simply prepared.

Our many loyal customers are always delighted to find our food remains familiar but with a hint of the exotic. Hooman turns rustic food robust with Persian dried limes or delicate and fragrant with saffron and dill. He is a generous cook and liberal with his precious ingredients. His restaurant shelves are packed with pomegranate juice, pickled garlic, shallots and other bottled pleasures. Diners often add a jar or two to their tab to savour at home.

It is easy to enjoy dinner surrounded by the faded charm of the Sloppy Sam décor. Hooman serves food people want to eat. Regular diners find comfort in the homely atmosphere and flavours unique to Sloppy Sam Restaurant.

Mediterranean / Mid-Eastern Inspired